Wondering where to get the best deals for the best tyre inflators in India?  In this article, you’ll find the top-selling multipurpose tyre inflators for cars, SUVs, and scooters. Built up using heavy-duty material like ABS plastic, metal, rubber, tyre inflators are easy to use and store.

Spending some money on tyre inflators is all worth it. No more visiting local shops for routine check-ups and maintaining PSI levels. All you need to do is Plug-in, set the PSI level, and the digital tyre inflators will automatically shut off once the air is filled.

Nowadays, Tyre inflators’ online sales have shown tremendous growth. The reason is they are portable, compact, durable, and quickly inflate the tyres in 3-4 minutes.

Want to order the one right now? Read our buying tips and  Check below the expert’s recommended 10 Best tyre inflators in India along with price, features, and specifications.

10 Best tyre inflators in India at the best price

Best Tyre inflators in India

Bergmann Typhoon Digital Heavy-Duty Metal Tyre Inflator

  • This tire inflator is built with heavy-duty material and uses a 100% pure copper motor, auto cut-off functions, and a braided rubber hose.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator

  • A compact and portable tyre inflator that uses a 12V li-ion battery, auto cut-off feature, and easy-to-read digital display quickly inflates the tyres in 3-4 minutes.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

BLACK+DECKER ASI400-XJ Multipurpose Tyre Inflator

  • A must-buy tyre inflator with 3 Operating Modes, a wide range of use, and an auto shut-off situation.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

WOSCHER 1610 Portable mini tyre Infaltor

  • Buy this grab-and-go woscher inflator ideal for scooters/cars/ bikes with a super long cord, accessible storage, and a powerful magnet motor.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

MICHELIN Digital High Power Tyre Inflator 12265

  • A robust and reliable tyre inflator for SUV’s/Cars/Trailers with LCD and 300cm long power cord.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

AllExtreme AE-8304Z Typhoon Double Cylinder Tyre Inflator

  • A heavy-duty, powerful inflator ideal for all vehicles with digital LED display, auto shut-off function, and 150 PSI level.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

TIREWELL Digital Tyre Inflator

  • Tirewell digital air compressor is portable and comes with 200 PSI, 12V DC battery, super inflation speed, and automatic shut-off feature.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

iBELL Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

  • This tyre inflator is built with a metal body, copper motor and works consistently without any overheating damage. The maximum pressure is 150 PSI.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

GoMechanic Gusto T10 Digital Tyre Inflator

  • This fully-featured digital tyre inflator comes with a 12 V DC battery, inbuilt LED lights, and 150 PSI maximum pressure handling capacity.
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Best Tyre inflators in India

Amazon Brand – Solimo Portable Tyre Inflator

  • An economic multipurpose tyre inflator to buy this season. It offers unique features like a safety valve, 2.6m cord, LED display, and 12V DC supply.
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Top 10 Heavy-duty tyre Inflators for Cars and Bikes in India

All the Tyre inflators shortlisted by our experts belong to reputed manufacturing brands like Bergmann, TUSA, Woscher, etc. Moreover, they are easy to operate on 12V DC, high in performance, strength, pressure units, and ruggedness. All you need to do is compare the prices, check the specifications, and buy the one that perfectly fits your budget and requirements. Let’s start with the first product on our checklist!

1. Bergmann Typhoon Digital Heavy-Duty Metal Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • 150W heavy-duty 100% pure copper core motor 
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet
  • 3m long power cord 
  • speedometer-type digital gauge 
  • Solid Metal Body Inflator

Bergmann tyre inflator is built using a heavy metal body and robust 100% copper motor. That means it produces less noise and vibration compared to plastic tyre inflators. It is equipped with a digital gauge with auto cut-off functions, preset, and high precision. It offers a fast inflation time of 0-30 psi in 2 minutes for an R12 size tyre. You have to set the pressure in PSI simply, and it will automatically cut off once the job is done. The 3m long cord makes it easy to reach and check the pressure of all tyres. The inbuilt LED light is helpful during night hours.


  • Inbuilt LED-light 
  • superfast inflation.
  • Lower noise and vibration.
  • auto cut-off functions
  • Metal body


  • It takes more time to fill SUV tyres

2. TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • 12V DC  Motor
  • 3.7m long cable
  • Inbuilt Pressure Gauge
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Inflation Speed: 0 to 30 PSI in 4 minutes

TUSA digital tyre car inflator is equipped with a powerful motor for a noiseless operation. It quickly inflates the tire from flat to 30 PSI in a maximum of 4 minutes. All you need to do is set the PSI pressure and it’ll automatically shuts-off after the pressure has been filled. This portable tyre inflator comes with a 3.7m long cable and is easy to store in the car.  The other notable features include a digital display, emergency LED lights, and multifunctionality. The package contains Tyre Inflator, Bag, User Manual, Nozzles, and Fuse. This must-buy product is available on amazon at an economical price.


  • Portable Air Compressor 
  • LED torch
  • Swift Operation
  • 1+1 Year Warranty
  • ABS plastic and metal body


  • Can’t use while charging

3. BLACK+DECKER ASI400-XJ 12V/160PSI Multipurpose Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • Digital Guage
  • Autocut Off System
  • 160 PSI pressure
  • High-pressure low volume mode
  • Pre-selection switch for 3 operating Modes
  • Additional Pump Discharge mode

BLACK+DECKER tyre inflator is a high-quality tool that includes 3 piece valve sets, pump discharge mode, Pre-selection switch for 3 operating modes. This tyre inflator has a maximum 160 PSI pressure range or 11 bar compression. It can be easily stored in a car or cabinet, making operations more accessible and convenient. This versatile car inflator can fill the air in cycles, footballs, water tubs, portable tents, etc. the inbuilt overheating protector allows it to run smoothly for longer hours. The automatic shut-off feature stops the pressure after the maximum pressure limit has been reached. Overall, it’s an ideal purchase for household applications.


  • 6 months warranty 
  • Compact design
  • Digital display
  • Fast inflation
  • 12 volts


  • Doesn’t prevent Corrosion

4. Woscher 1610 Portable Mini Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • 12V DC + 120 watts
  • 100 PSI ( 0-35 psi in 2-5 mins for car/bike)
  • Super long 3m (10ft) power cord
  • ABS plastic built material
  • High-Quality Magnet motor

Woscher tyre inflator is built using metal on the inner body and heavy-duty ABS plastic material on the outer body. The 10 feet super long cord is convenient and easily reaches all the tyres of the car. One needs to stop using these tyre inflators after 10 mins continuous use to avoid overheating damage. The special features include a large display, built-in LED lights, an on/off switch, and scientific heat dissipation. The package contains 2 additional Adaptors, Storage Bag, 2 extra nozzles, and 1 tyre inflator.


  • Ideal for scooter/car/bike
  • Lightweight
  • Portable 
  • Fast inflation
  • Multipurpose use


  • No stain resistance
  • 10 mins Continuous working time

5. MICHELIN Digital High Power Tyre Inflator 12265

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • USB/ Digital Power Source Technology
  • 32.0 Digital Gauge with LCD Display
  • Valve storage slot
  • Inbuilt LED lights
  • 3m long power cord + 60cm air hose

Michelin high power tyre inflator saves your time and immediately inflates the tyres without any manual help. This 50 PSI inflator comes with a USB socket and a 12 V DC power socket for charging small devices. The LCD  makes it easy to read the gauge readings. The 3m long power cord makes it a convenient high-performance tool. This portable tyre inflator weighs around 1.19 kgs. So it is easy to store and occupies less space. Buy this highly-rated tool with multipurpose use on amazon. Click to check the offer!


  • Suitable for cars/2-wheelers
  • 4 mins Quick Inflation
  • Compact & portable Equipment
  • Easy to store


  • A bit expensive

6. AllExtreme AE-8304Z Typhoon Double Cylinder Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • Stability Technology With Four-rod Design.
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug For Car /Suvs/ Auto
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Direct Drive Inflation Pump
  • High-speed Inflation

The high performance All extreme 12-volt dual cylinder tyre inflator is long-lasting with 150PSI plus offers a 1-year warranty. It uses stable technology with a four-rod design that automatically reduces noise and vibration. The inflation pump quickly compresses the air in tyres within 2-3 minutes. Whether it’s SUV/CAR/BIKE, the 3m cord is long enough to reach all the tyres quickly. It is equipped with a high-quality external hose. The special features include a backlight gauge, carry case, nozzle& fuses, and powerful motor for fast inflation.


  • Portable 
  • Heavy Duty Air Compressor 
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Works on all kinds of 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler vehicles


7. TIREWELL TW-1566 Digital Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • Touchscreen Digital LED display 
  • Ideal for Car SUV bike Inflation
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 PSI
  • 2.8M Long Cord

Order the Tirewell digital tyre inflator today for super-fast inflation with a single press in few minutes. It hardly takes 3 minutes to inflate 0 to 30 PSI in SUV. The additional accessories include nozzles/fuses for air compression in cars, bikes, SUVs, etc. It comes with a digital LED/LCD for optimum use at night hours. The 2.8 m long cord quickly inflates the tires. The auto shut-off feature makes the inflation process hassle-free. One just needs to preset the desired air pressure after plugging in, and here you go!


  • Portable& RAPID air inflator
  • Superfast Inflation Speed
  • Heavy Duty Air Compressor
  • Auto Shut Off feature


  • Missing user manual

8. iBELL Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • 1.7 Kg weights
  • Noiseless & Vibration-free operation
  • Digital LED display
  • Maximum pressure: 150 PSI
  • 12 V DC Supply

I-bell is a renowned manufacturer of electronic appliances with years of experience. This heavy-duty tyre inflator is built using a powerful copper motor, metal body. So there is almost no noise and vibrations. It can handle a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and goes from flat to 30 PSI in 2-3 minutes. This digital inflator is easy to use and carry with 1.7 kg weight. The inbuilt LED lights make them easy to use during the dark. You can buy it on amazon with pay on delivery option. It’s affordable, and if you don’t like it, you can return it within 10 days with a full cash refund.


  • 10 days returnable
  • 4.3 out of 5  rating 
  • 6 months warranty
  • Easy to operate


  • Size is bit larger
  • Nozzle gets overheated

9. GoMechanic Gusto T10 Digital Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • Max. pressure: 150PSI
  • Multiple nozzles & fuse
  • High power inflator
  • Automatic Shut-off feature
  • 1.4 kg weight

Go Mechanic is a powerful tyre inflator that uses digital technology and inbuilt LED lights. A user needs to plug in and preset the desired pressure and automatically shut-off after the air is filled in tyres. It takes about 2-3 minutes from reaching flat to 35 PSI. The long cord of 3m length makes it easy to get the car/SUV/Auto tyres. The package contains a tyre inflator and multiple nozzles for diversified use.


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable
  • Inbuilt LED lights
  • Superfast inflating speed


  • Vibrates 
  • Switch-off after 10 mins consistent use.

10. Amazon Brand – Solimo Portable Tyre Inflator

Best Tyre inflators in India

  • 12V Power supply
  • 5 mins inflation time
  • 265 cm electric wire & 65cm hose
  • Inbuilt LED bulbs
  • The safety valve for overload protection

Tackle the flat tyres with Solimo tyre inflator that refill the air within 5 mins. It comes with a 12V power supply, 2.6m  electric cord that quickly reaches all the tyres. This multipurpose car inflator can be used for compressing ar in basketballs/footballs/Bikes etc. Overall it’s a time saving helpful tool for other household chores. Buy this today on amazon with pay on delivery option available. Click to check the price!


  • 10 days returnable
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Lightweight


  • Noisy & vibrates 
  • Short Cord length

Buying guide for picking the best tyre inflators in India for 2022

Buying Guide Best Tyre inflators in India

We might all have faced the situation of flat tyres in the middle of the road while driving. And, changing tyres is the worse nightmare and becomes the hour of need. It’s better to invest in trusted tyre inflators to avoid such situations. So, presenting you here with some buying tips that’ll help you purchase a suitable tyre inflator.  Let’s start reading!

  • Maximum Pressure:  Check whether your selected tyre inflator offers a minimum of 50-100 PSI level.
  • International Accuracy standards: The tyre inflators must confirm the  (±2%), and precise readings.
  • Cord length: The tyre inflator tool must have at least a 3m long cord that quickly reaches all the tyres of 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.
  • Powerful Motor: It should be equipped with a durable, powerful copper motor that can resist overheating and high pressures.
  • Digital LED/LCD: The digital LED/LCD makes it easy to work during dim daylight and night illuminating hours.
  • Inflating speed: The tyre inflator equipment should not take more than 3-4 minutes to inflate a single tyre of a car/bike/SUV.
  • Automatic Shut off: Try to buy the one that doesn’t need any manual help and automatically shuts off after filling the air.
  • Warranty: Expect at least 12 months warranty if you are spending a considerable amount of money.

How do our experts choose the best tyre inflators in India?

All the tyre inflators listed on this page are high in performance, built with excellent quality material, and take almost 3-4 minutes to inflate the tyre up to the marked pressure level. Below is the rating criteria our experts use to shortlist the top 10 tyre inflators from some trusted brands. Take a look!

  • Compact & Portable: The tyre inflators should weigh more than 1-2 kgs. They should be compact and easily portable in scooters/Cars etc.
  • Easy to Operate: One can easily operate the tyre inflators without any external help. Most of the digital tyre inflators automatically shut off once the air is filled.
  • Built Material: We make sure to list the products built using heavy-duty ABS plastic or metal body for noiseless and vibration-less operation.
  • Accessories: The package must include different nozzle sizes to inflate car tyres, scooter tyres, SUVs, etc.
  • Cost-effective: Our experts make sure to list the economical and affordable tyre inflators with all the features on this page.
  • Wide range of use: The multipurpose tyre inflators should be capable of inflating air in tents, bathtubs, vacuum pillows, and other household chores if required.
  • Customer Ratings: Last but not least, customer’s feedback, comments, and ratings help us to pick the perfect tyre inflators for Indian users.


Is it worth buying a tyre inflator?

Tyre inflator is a value-for-money product with various benefits. They save your time, money, are high in performance, and automatically stop when the power gauze reaches the pre-set pressure limit without any manual help. Moreover, they are available at very economical prices on amazon. Browse our list to find the top-selling tyre inflators with high ratings.

Which is the best brand for a car tire inflator?

TUSA, Woscher, Bergmann, iBELL, Allextreme, Michelin are by far the best brands manufacturing car/bike tyre inflators. They are readily available online on Amazon and other e-commerce stores. Before you buy, we advise you to check the experts’ reviews, prices and compare the features discussed on this page.

Which is the best portable tyre inflator?

Check below some of the most popular and purchased heavy-duty tyre inflators with compact design, high PSI levels, and robust motor.
TUSA Digital tyre inflator
iBELL Digital Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator
AllExtreme AE-8304Z Typhoon Double Cylinder Tyre Inflator
Bergmann Typhoon Heavy Duty Metal Car Tyre Inflator

What are the benefits of buying tyre inflators?

Tyre inflators are a one-time investment making your life a lot easier. Nowadays, digital tyre inflators are available online that don’t require any manual effort. One just needs to plug in, set the pressure, and it will automatically stop after the air has been filled. The multipurpose tyre inflators can be used for various household purposes like air filling in vacuum pillows, tents, footballs, bathtubs, etc.

Our Verdict

Tyre Inflators are an excellent tool to invest some money on! They not only save your time and visits to automobile shops but also help you in flat tire situations in the middle of the road. One can use these air compressors for other purposes like spray paintings the car, powering the air tools of the vehicle, unclogging dirt and debris, and so on. So bring home the powerful and one of the best tyre inflators today to make your life a lot easier. Check the prices on our page and buy at greatly discounted prices on amazon. Happy shopping!

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