Over the years, the purpose that Television sets used to perform has evolved. From a mode of entertainment and communication to a piece of style adding to the looks of your furnished indoors, the invention has come a long way. With ever-increasing technology and public demands, manufacturers keep evolving the features and looks of the latest TV sets. 

A television with voguish looks, an affordable price range, and features to camouflage with the new generation is a lucrative deal to all the buyers out there. With a wide variety and an uncountable number of TV brands, it is pretty easy to lose your mind selecting the perfect product that fits your requirements. Nothing to worry about, here is the list of the latest best smart TV models under 15000 that we have ported to help you get your piece of perfection. 

9 Best Smart TVs under 15000 In India – Our Top Picks

Mi 32 Inch Android  Smart LED TV 4A Pro

Mi 32 Inch Android  Smart LED TV 4A Pro

  • Great Value product with 32-inches screen, HD content display, beautiful looks and well-build exterior casing.
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Mi 32 Inch Horizon Edition HD Ready Android Smart LED TV

Mi 32 Inch Horizon Edition HD Ready Android Smart LED TV

  • Budget product with Horizon display, Brighter pictures, PatchWall experience and Multiple multimedia partners.
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OnePlus 32 Inch LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

OnePlus 32 Inch LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

  • HD Resolution, high refresh rate and great hardware interface are the prime features.
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Amazon Basics 32 Inch Fire TV Edition

Amazon Basics 32 Inch Fire TV Edition

  • Super Display, Quad core processor and in-built Alexa are the key highlights of this TV.
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Toshiba 32 Inch Vidaa OS Series HD Smart ADS LED TV

Toshiba 32 Inch Vidaa OS Series HD Smart ADS LED TV

  • This device features ADS Panel, faster Boost time, easy to operate and customizable.
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Onida 32 Inch HD Smart LED Fire TV

Onida 32 Inch HD Smart LED Fire TV

  • Multicore processor, Live TV, Esay connectivity and voice remote with Alexa are some cool offering of this device.
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TCL 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV

TCL 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV

  • A made in India slim TV with HDR, Dolby audio, Google assistant and exclusive sports mode.
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Kevin 32 Inch Smart LED TV

Kevin 32 Inch Smart LED TV

  • Quantum Lucent technology, web touch remote, HRDD technology and free access to Movie box app.
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iFFALCON 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV

iFFALCON 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV

  • Smartest device with micro-dimming, IPQ engine, HDR, Slim Design and Google assistant.
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A TV has become more than just a movie box controlled with a few buttons on a remote. With changing times and intelligent technologies conquering the world, a lot has changed about the term “Television.” It can now be used as a gaming console, a smart device that can be controlled by our vocals, and a source of endless entertainment (infotainment, more precisely). 

It would not be punishable to say that investing in a smart LED TV has become both a need and a compulsion. Although with the addition of the term “smart” to it, thoughts of an expensive deal come to mind, the price of the products mentioned above is genuinely reasonable for their offerings. Allow us to dig into the details and features of Top 10 Smart TVs under Rs. 15,000;

1. Mi 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV 4A Pro

Best Smart TVs under 15000 In India

  • Ultra HD and bright display
  • Dynamic 2 * 10 W speakers
  • Powerful processor 
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB RAM

Mi 4A Pro Smart LED TV is a budget-friendly and value-for-money product. Thin bezels and slim design add to the outer appearance, and you can mount it on a table as well as attach it to a wall. The physical dimensions are 732 * 435 * 478 mm and weigh 4kg, including the base. The external hardware interface includes two 2.0 USB ports, three HDMI ports, one Ethernet, and one audio jack.

The display features 1366 * 768 pixels resolution, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and a wide viewing angle. A powerful A53 quad-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 1.5 GHz makes the device work like magic. Moreover, accessories included are a TV unit, two base units, a remote control, a user manual, and four screw units. Being a smart LED TV, it supports screen mirroring, double USB sharing, and Wi-Fi Direct.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality display
  • Plenty of connectivity options


  • HDR not supported
  • RAM is limited to only 1GB.

2. Mi 32 Inch Horizon Edition HD Ready Android Smart LED TV

Best Smart Television in India

  • 32 Inch horizon display
  • High Definition Resolution
  • Android operating system
  • Quad-core dynamic processor

Starting with the design and appearance of this smart TV, it is an authoritarian build model with a bezel-less design. It looks slim and as bright as it works. The brand has given a special touch of beauty to this product. The dimensions are 722 * 429 * 180 mm, and it weighs around 3.8 Kg with a stand. It can sit on a table or can be mounted on a wall. Regarding connectivity options and interface, the brand Mi has done a wonderful job placing two 2.0 USB ports, three HDMI ports (one of them is for audio), one Ethernet port, and antenna ports.

 The display offers a screen resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels and a 60 HZ refresh rate which is common in rival smart TVs at this price. One thing that highlights this product from the crowd is the PatchWall UI interface. The Mi TV 4A Horizon edition does a fair enough job with the performance and RAM for daily chores. The Amlogic chipset and 1GB RAM are the possessions of this model. 


  • Premium looks 
  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • PatchWall UI interface
  • Significant amount of connectivity ports
  • Wakes up quickly


  • Remote lacks mute and source buttons
  • Decent sound output

3. OnePlus 32 Inch LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

Best Smart Television in India

  • 32-inch screen size
  • Supports services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube
  • Fascinating Visuals
  • Access to Google assistant

The OnePlus 32Y1 smart LED TV comes third on the list. This smart TV has polycarbonate as its build material; rear plastic frames finish. As a result, the device is super light and manageable. The ultra-slim side profile and thin bezels do justice to the term “smart” added to it in terms of morphology. In addition, its physical dimensions are 713 * 469 * 200 mm, with a stand weighing approximately 3.5 kg.

Moreover, the LED type display offers an HD resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio, a broad viewing angle of 178 degrees, and sports a variety of colors. The connectivity options include two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one RF input port, and an Ethernet port. A 64-bit processor is incorporated to perform like a pro and an Android 9 Pie operating system.

 The intelligent features include multiple connections simultaneously, has Google assistant at its back, and supports applications like Google play store and Netflix. The accessories included in the box are the TV unit, two base stands, a user guide, a warranty card, a remote control, an AC cord, and two AAA batteries.


  • Decent built quality 
  • Affordable price
  • Android 9 pie OS
  • True to life colors


  • Average sound Quality
  • The remote misses the input source button.

4. Amazon Basics 32 Inch Fire TV Edition

Best Smart Television in India

  • 32 inches screen size
  • LED type display
  • Fire OS
  • Dolby Audio

The AmazonBasics 32 inch fire TV Edition is a decent try by the brand to hand customers the best in budget. The TV is equipped with full innovative features and ticks all the boxes right to be included in the best budget Smart TV list. Like most smart TVs at this price, this one also has a 60 Hz refresh rate, 732 * 439 * 83 mm dimensions, and a weight of 3.65 Kg. To comfort content viewing, it is seasoned with an HD screen resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels. 

Two speaker units are supported by Dolby Audio technology to give a 20 W sound output. There are two HDMI ports, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for making connections. The contents of the box include an LED TV, a stand, a wall mount, a user how-to-do guide, a remote control and two AAA batteries, a power cable, an AV cable, and an IR extender cable. The smart features include screen mirroring, supported applications, 1GB RAM and 8 GB storage, a FireTV OS, and Mali450 GPU for crisp graphics.


  • Dolby Vision for an immense viewing experience
  • Decent interface
  • Good brightness even in bright ambiance


  • 4K not available in 32-inch variant
  • Decent 20 W speakers 

5. Toshiba 32 Inch Vidaa OS Series HD Smart ADS LED TV

Best Smart Television in India

  • 32-inch screen size
  • Supports online entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube
  • Edge LED Backlit arrangement
  • Quad-Core processor

Setting perimeters to the budget can make you compromise. Well, if you ever wished to have commands on your TV (rich in features), not in a mainstream way, and that too within the budget, Toshiba did that for you. This offering by the brand Toshiba offers attractive features at Rs. 16,990. This 32-inch screen variant delivers full HD content with a 60 Hz refresh rate. The screen resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels validates the former claim. The physical dimensions of this TV are 730 * 443 * 73 mm and weight 4.3 Kg. Numerous connectivity checks include two USB ports, two HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and HDMI ARC. 

As mentioned in the key highlights, it is powered by a Quad-Core Processor, supported with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage. The Dolby Audio module consists of 24W speakers, which is a deal to catch.  

Now, talking about the pinpoint, the intelligent features incorporated within this magical box are supported by entertainment applications like YouTube and Netflix and allow screen mirroring. Android-based Vidaa Operating system is the cherry on top.


  • Value for price product
  • Good sound Quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • 4 GB Storage


  • Not the best with contrast and shadow details.
  • Color and precision could be slight here and there.
  • It is pretty heavy.

6. Onida 32 Inch HD Smart LED Fire TV

Best Smart Television in India

  • Uses LED technology for display
  • Wall mount type TV
  • High Dynamic Range supported
  • 2.0 stereo speakers
  • Smart control

The Onida 32 Inch HD Smart TV has been a demanding piece in the market. The device features a 32-inch screen size, HD-ready visuals, an HD screen resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels. It offers all of this at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is quite acceptable. The TV delivers the content on its screen with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. 

One display feature out of the box in this price range that this TV offers is that it supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). Apart from the visuals, the physical numbers of the TV are 726 * 178 * 480 mm and a significant weight of around 4.7 kg like the previous TV on the list. The connectivity options are pretty developed as there are three HDMI ports, one USB port supporting audio, video, and image, one audio jack, and one RF input Analog Coaxial Ports.

 It comes with two speakers, each with an output of 10 W and 2.0 stereo-type speakers. Other smart TV features incorporated are Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, mirror casting to run images, videos, and games on the Tv screen, and as usual, various OTT platforms supported like Netflix and Prime Videos. 

The accessories that arrive in the box are the TV unit, base stand, a wall mount bracket, a remote control, a user manual, and a warranty card.


  • Supports High Dynamic Range Visuals
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 178 degrees viewing angle ( nearly a straight angle)
  • Decent looks
  • Comes with Alexa voice search option.


  • It is pretty weighted- 4.7 Kg is significant
  • Not such -great audio quality
  • A bit thick from the side profile.

7. TCL 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV

Best Smart Television in India

  • 32-inch screen size
  • In-built Google Play Store
  • HDR Ready
  • IPQ Engine

Another smart creation comes straight from the brand TCL; it is a 32 inch Android Smart LED TV. Starting from the basics, the TV has the usual 32-inch screen with 720 p resolution like other TV units mentioned in the list. It comes straight into the smart category with the incorporation of Google play store and entertainment dedicated applications. An A+ full grade HD panel provides the expected crisp visuals. Chrome casting is another prominent feature of the TLC 32 Inch Android Smart TV that supersizes whatever is on your android or iOS screen. 

Craving some content? There is no need to go through complicated navigation bars; it takes as long as asking for it with its cool voice search feature. Yet another fantastic spill by the brand is the smart volume – this feature makes the TV camouflage the sound according to the program running on your screen.


  • Hands-free voice search control
  • 4K + HDR Android TV
  • Supported entertainment centered applications
  • Smart volume adjustments


  • Slightly thicker than an expected smart TV
  • Not the best with Bass and sound quality

8. Kevin 32 Inch Smart LED TV

Best Smart Television in India

  • 32 inches LED screen
  • 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage
  • 178 degrees viewing angle
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Kevin 32 inch smart Android TV is not a very heard name in the market as the maximum limelight are taken by brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Realme. For the sake of the features that this company provides (in a perimeter of Rs. 15000), let us draw your attention towards this masterpiece. The Kevin smart TV has some usual features like 1366 * 768 pixels of screen resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 178 degrees viewing angle in both orientations. 

The connectivity interface includes two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one RF input port, and an audio jack. The audio module consists of two speakers, each of 10 W.

The essential components within the box are the LED TV, a remote control, batteries, power cord, user guide, and a warranty card.


  • 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage
  • Chrome casting and supported applications
  • Social media integration


  • Not much evolved sound module
  • No universal or touch controls on remote
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

9. iFFALCON 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV

Best Smart Television in India

  • supported internet services
  • 720 p resolution
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Android 9 OS

This F2A TV comes last in the list does not mean that it is any less than the previously mentioned TVs. The price range of this TV is relatively cheaper than many on the list. Still, it manages to have every feature to consider it a ‘smart TV. Firstly, the TV has got some killer slim looks that enhance the elegance of its outer appearance. Further, it features sports mode in which the visuals and audio are optimized parallel to live-action to sports, which is kind of its unique feature. 

Other smart features of this F2A TV are built-in chrome cast, Google assistant to follow your commands, Android 9 OS, and smart volume.


  • A light and manageable device of 3.9 kg
  • Mali 470 *2 graphics processor
  • Smart Remote
  • Smart volume feature


  • Dual Core Processor
  • 50 W power on-screen power consumption

Ever since the lockdown thing has hit the world, everyone has explored some not so explored sides of theirs. One such niche is entertainment. How bad do we crave entertainment at some point is approved by the rise in the sales of smart TVs from last year. At times, companies got out of stock with their products. With every inch of perfection, whether it is the latest smart features or visuals and audio, smart TVs are coming up as a better option than smartphones and laptops. 

In conclusion, smart TVs are forward technologies that are going to evolve endlessly. But as of now, try getting your hands on some very affordably priced smart TVs in the list.

Buy The Best Smart TVs Under 15000 – Buying Guide

Best Smart TVs under 15000 In India

Here’s the buying guide to help smoothen your process of making the right purchase decision by walking you through all the considerations that you need to make while buying a smart TV.

Screen Size

The larger the screen size the better the experience. However, you need to give consideration to space as well. So, you need to look for a screen size that would go well with the settings of your place and be good enough to provide an excellent watching experience.

However, since you’re looking under a budget, there are not many options, and the highest you could go would be a 32inches display screen. However, it’s a fairly good size and would create good experiences.


You want to see a clear, crisp, and excellent picture without any distortions or stretch. This will require giving due consideration to the screen resolution. A 4K resolution or more is ideal. Besides that, you must look for HD resolution for clearer picture quality.

Audio Quality

You want to listen to the dialog clearly. You need to make sure that the dialogues are audible enough for you to understand. So, it’s important that you check the audio quality of the television you are taking. Look for televisions with high-quality speakers and noise cancellation features. You can also look for Dolby Atmos and soundbar support.

Smart Features

What good will be a smart TV without smart features? Look for all the necessary features such as connectivity options, compatible devices, Alexa build-in, Dolby Atmos support, voice controls, and all other things in and around it.

Final Words

Getting a smart TV is a big investment, even when you’re buying it on a budget. So, you want to make sure that you get the best for the most fulfilling experiences. All the televisions on our list are the best smart TVs under 15000 and will cater to the most amazing watching experiences.

Hope this review and buying guide has helped you make your choice.

Happy Streaming!

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