Drones have started a great sale in India after legalizing the use and with a proper license. Drones became an integral part of many Management companies, Film Industries, and many more. Using a drone reduces human labor and minimizes cost. Drones are available on a large scale in many regions of the country as well in online stores. Here in this article, we have a list of the best drone in India for you.

Drones are compact and can be used to transport items from one place to another in multiple industries. The key features that make drones attractive are small, easily traceable, camera, and high speed. After considerable research, we are here to help you find the best drone that fulfills your requirements.

Best Drone In India
Best drone in india

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

  • DJI Mavic Pro is a light-weight and durable plastic-built body drone.
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Best drone in india

Kiditos Syma Pocket Drone

  • Kiditos Syma Drone is lightweight, about 81.6 g, and can fly 20 meters above the ground.
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Best drone in india

DJI Tello Drone

  • DJI Tello is a fun drone that has an integrated chip and smart processor.
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Best drone in india

IZI MJXB3 RC Quadcopter

  • The IZI MJX B3 RC Quadcopter is an amazing drone with ample of technology.
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Best drone in india

Pluto Programmable Quadcopter

  • Pluto quadcopter is perfect for learning purposes. Using this drone, one can learn how to fly drones simply.
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Best drone in india

DJI Spark Selfie Drone

  • DJI Spark Selfie drone is eye-appealing and available on a large scale in the market.
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Best drone in india

Traxxas Aton

  • Traxxas Aton is a fun, fast, and flexible drone. It has a Cardan to fit any camera in it.
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Best drone in india

DJI Phantom 4

  • DJI Phantom 4 is a drone equipped with a camera of 12 MP and records 4K videos.
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Best drone in india

Force 1 U49W

  • The spectacular Force 1 U49W is a drone that has decent HD camera quality.
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Best drone in india

Contixo F18

  • Contixo F18 this classy model has FPV and GPS features.
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Best Drone In India 2021

1. DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Best drone in india

  • DJI Mavic Pro is a light-weight and durable plastic-built body drone. The quality of this drone is outstanding, and it is doing great in India. This drone is for someone who needs high speed and excellent camera quality. Additionally, this drone offers impressive results in photos, and videos can go to more extended and higher ranges. This drone provides fantastic Head Collision Technology.

The drone having Head Collision technology can avoid a collision as it has sensors on four sides. At any high-speed, the drone can recognize obstacles from a vast distance and self-adjusts itself so that no mishaps or crashes occur. This drone has GLONASS and GPS that provides the best flight control and navigation. The Mavic Pro is powered by a 12 MP 4K camera that can capture amazing pictures, footage, and stills. It has built-in WiFi that enables you to share live video to your smartphone in minimal time.


  • Head-collision Technology
  • 12 MP 4K camera


  • It is quite expensive.

2. Kiditos Syma Pocket Drone

Best drone in india

  • Kiditos Syma Drone is lightweight, about 81.6 g, and can fly 20 meters above the ground. Altitude Hold mode allows you to hold the drone’s position still at an altitude and can self -adjust to tackle high winds. The Head Mode feature allows the drone to control in the North direction. It means the drone flies according to your perspective; this minimizes crash and enhances the flying experience. It also has a Headless mode, which will make the drone continuously fly in the forward direction.

One-click take-off and landing features are very mind-boggling and make it very simple to control. It helps to take off and land the drone in just a click in the same spot with the help of GPS. You can stunt flip this drone in 360 degrees with a click. Many other features in this drone make it very efficient and cost-effective.


  • Extremely Light-weight
  • One-touch 360 degrees flip
  • Safe landing feature


  • It does not have a camera

3. DJI Tello Drone

Best drone in india

  • DJI Tello is a fun drone that has an integrated chip and smart processor. This drone allows flying stunts while shooting a video or clicking exciting pictures. The camera quality is 5 MP and provides high-resolution images. A smartphone app can control the drone. The fantastic feature of Auto take-off/landing makes the controlling of the drone very simple. The Failsafe feature is an incredible feature that will land the drone safely, even after the connection is lost.

This drone has a downward-facing camera that ensures precise hovering. The vision positioning system helps to navigate easily. The DJI App helps to operate the drone quickly and efficiently. The package comes with the drone, propeller: set, guards, and removal tool and a battery. The drone provides the best balance and can fly as high as 50 meters above the ground.


  • Electronic image Stabilization
  • Integrated Intel Processor
  • 5 MP camera


  • It is quite expensive

4. IZI MJXB3 RC Quadcopter

Best drone in india

  • The IZI MJX B3 RC Quadcopter is an amazing drone with ample of technology. It has a feature of Follow Me mode that will lock the position specified or the position of the transmitter and track it. The drone excels in giving the best qualities for recording moving subjects as it can be tricky to follow manually. The independent ESC protects the motor and ensures the safety of flight. This drone is easy to perform for beginners.

GPS Positioning is very accurate and beneficial. One Key Return makes the operating part more manageable. It has a smart remote control alarm function that sends signal or beep sound when the drone’s battery is low and will ensure maximum safety. It has an extended flying time of 22 minutes. Bright LED Search Light helps to fly the drone even in the pitch dark at night and makes the flight attractive.


  • The long flying time of 22 minutes
  • Independent ESC
  • Bright LED Search Light


  • It supports the camera, but the camera does not come with the drone

5. Pluto Programmable Quadcopter

Best drone in india

  • Pluto quadcopter is perfect for learning purposes. Using this drone, one can learn how to fly drones simply. It is a starter pack for flying drones. This drone has four rotors and has a very raw design. Even if the drone collides, the repair of this drone is at a minimal cost. This drone is price effective and has more emphasis on learning. If you do not know the usage of a drone and want to learn, it might be suitable.

This price-effective and basic model of Pluto is very light and user friendly. All controls are available in touch, and it is easy to operate. The DIY format allows the buyer to learn the drone program and coding. The components present are replaceable at a very cheap rate. You can create the drone of your choice by your coding skills.


  • Programmable Quadcopter
  • Raw design and easily repairable
  • Best for Learning Purposes


  • It does not have a camera

6. DJI Spark Selfie Drone

Best drone in india

  • DJI Spark Selfie drone is eye-appealing and available on a large scale in the market. It is affordable and offers gesture control. The model has a colorful body and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the drone has control via smartphone. It has some exciting flight mode features, which makes it fun and enjoyable.

The Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization helps to capture smooth video footage and reduces shakes and vibrations. The GPS navigation option makes it very simple to operate. The flight time is 16 minutes and provides the best quality of videos and photos. It offers videos at 1080P, and the camera is 12MP. It has multiple shooting modes and can detect obstacles and avoid crashes.


  • Eye-appealing and durable
  • The camera quality of 12 MP
  • The Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization


  • Low Battery Backup

7. Traxxas Aton

Best drone in india

  • Traxxas Aton is a fun, fast, and flexible drone. It has a Cardan to fit any camera in it. Many people do not like the pre-installed camera in their drones; they want to add their own camera choice. In this drone, you can add a camera of your choice. It has an impressive speed of 50 mph in the Sport mode.

This drone can travel a long distance. Moreover, it can provide the best photos and videos. The Expert mode offers the user full control over the drone. It has Return to home operation,dual-mode GPS, active brakes in air. With an ultra-bright LED, it is possible to fly the drone in the night.


  • 25 minutes of flight time
  • Sport mode
  • Return To Home Operation


  • Can not rely on much and keep the drone in line of sight

8. DJI Phantom 4

Best drone in india

  • DJI Phantom 4 is a drone equipped with a camera of 12 MP and records 4K videos. It is swift and captures HD footage. The sealed camera gimbal comes with this drone, which allows stability and proper balance in aerial videos. It has Dual Imus and Dual compass. The optical and sonar sensors help for a better landing.

This drone can fly about 195 ft above ground. It has an integrated Anti-vibration Board so that the images and videos are clear without distortion. Additionally, this drone has impressive vision detector sensors to detect obstacles. The Status LEDs show the battery status. This model is cost-effective and more reliable.


  • Cost-effective
  • 12 MP camera 4K videos
  • Anti-Vibration Board


  • Might need your proper control

9. Force 1 U49W

Best drone in india

  • The spectacular Force 1 U49W is a drone that has decent HD camera quality. The drone is stylish and durable. Additionally, The Headless Mode makes this drone fly without knowing the orientation. Undoubtedly the one key lift/land makes the control of the drone easy. It has FPV (First Person View) mode, which shows you what drone is seeing.

The Force drone provides a continuous flight of 15 minutes. The Altitude hold mode makes it simple for beginners. Additionally, the Force primarily provides a bonus battery. It has a 2.4Ghz Remote Controller and USB charger Cable. This drone is indeed having all the quality requirements in an efficient drone.


  • FPV mode
  • One key lift/land
  • 15 minutes of constant flight


  • It is quite expensive

10. Contixo F18

Best drone in india

  • Contixo F18 this classy model has FPV and GPS features. You can see Built-in HD FPV on your smartphone. Undoubtedly, the mobile flight mode application makes the operating part very easy. The brushless motor present in this drone ensures minimal friction on moving motors. Four gas control mode makes it easy to cool down the device after the flight.

You can use this drone for fun and play some stunts with the help of it. The Bright LED light allows you to fly the drone in the dark. You will never lose the drone due to its high technology of GPS, which will always rescue your drone. The HD quality of pictures and videos, and it comes with a Water-Resistant Carrying Bag. It has a 2K UHD camera and 20 minutes of flight time.


  • It has a 2K UHD camera
  • Flight time of 20 long minutes
  • GPS technology


  • It is quite expensive

Best Drone in India – Buying Guide

For buying a drone, first to know what all features and things you should look for in a drone. Purchasing a drone in India is not an easy task; it should be with proper research, and you should be pre-determined about what all features you are looking for in a drone. There are many other things to know other than just the price.

Drones are quite expensive, and you should choose a drone wisely. Some relevant specifications are essential for a good drone to have. Here in this buying guide, we will introduce you to some features that you need to know before buying a drone.

Best Drone In India

●       Purpose and Use

The first and essential part is to decide why you need a drone. Your purpose will direct you to what drone you should buy. Many people use the drone as a selfie stick. Some use drones for aerial stunts for shooting vlogs or shooting advertisements and kinds of stuff. Using a drone is smooth and has fewer hassles. It helps to complete the same task we do in a more fun way.

●       Budget

You should have an idea of how much money you want to invest in purchasing a drone. As most drones are expensive, it would be quite tough to buy it, but once you buy it, the drone will last for a long time. Many cheap drones are easily affordable, but they become waste in some months after use.

●       Government Procedures

To not worry about fines, you should purchase a nano drone or buy any drone you want, but you should have a proper registration of that drone under the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

●       Flight Time

While the nano drone has a flight time of 5-10 minutes, the drones with a camera with flight time ranging for 10-30 minutes. Many drones that we have listed have a high flight time that will be very convenient for you as you can fly the drone for a more extended period.

●       Portability

A drone should be light-weight and easy to put in a bag to carry it around. Portability is a vital feature as a big drone will be very difficult to take around for tours and trips. Handling small light-weighted drones is manageable.

●       Camera

You should go for a drone that has a high-quality camera that will shoot crystal-clear pictures and videos. A camera is a mattering factor in buying drones.

●       Remote Control

The remote control is a factor that will play a considerable role in operating the drone. The easy remote control is very beneficial for beginners, and for experts, remote control, which has the option to have full control over the drone, is better.

●       Battery Life

A drone’s battery life will define how much time you can fly a drone without putting it back on charge. A decent drone battery runs for 10-30 minutes. Recharging a battery of drones takes a lot of time, so it will be good if the battery life is high.

●      Drone Cases And Backpacks

Drone cases and backpacks are for great use to protect your drone after the flight. For storing it safely and adequately, cases and backpacks are a must. The durable cases and backpacks are a precaution for your expensive drones.

●       Replacement Parts

If your drones’ usage is for numerous flights, there will be some replacement in parts in the future. The parts of drones that might need to replace are broken propellers, landing gear, or battery due to high use; this may lead to the wear and tear of the product.

While considering any model, look for the parts, if available, and then go for that model of drone. If you look for the parts prior, it will be beneficial for the future.

●       Material Quality

Material Quality is essential as it will define the durability of the drone. Low-cost drones do not offer high quality; they use cheap material, which is not reliable. The drone with a better quality has fewer chances of crashes as the material holds on to the parts and makes it better-performing.

●       GPS

The GPS feature makes the operating part of the drone very easy. The GPS ensures that the drone comes back to the spot it took off from, and many drones have Return To Home feature, which is possible with the help of GPS.

●       ID Plate

ID Plate gives a flight operator for logging the flight data capability. NPNT defines No PermissionNo Takeoff, which makes the drone safe for you.

●       Auto Landing

The auto-landing feature might be present in some drones where the drone lands automatically before the battery is low.

Other Features of the best drone in India

  • Sensors– The sensors in a drone are essential as it protects the drone from colliding or crashing by hitting any obstacle. The sensors detect any obstacle from a distance and self-adjusts its route.
  • Automatic Pre-programmed Flights
  • Headless Mode
  • FPV mode – This mode helps you see what your drone is seeing in real-time on your mobile phone. This mode will avoid any crashes as we will already know if any obstacle is coming.
  • 360-degree eversion in the air, the drone can flip 360 degrees and can do aerial stunts.
  • Hover Accuracy– This will state how well the drone can follow the command and direction and fly with stability.

Benefits Of A Drone

The drones have many benefits for military and non-military uses.

1.     Military Uses of Drones

  • Bomb Detection
  • Surveillance
  • Airstrikes

2.     Non-Military Uses of Drones

  • Filming and Journalism- Many movies shoot high angle scenes with quadcopters and other drones. The drones have less cost than professional cameras. The drones provide many features and advantages that a programmed device can do easily, but it is complicated when done by a human. The drones can reach to places where humans cannot sp the drones are useful for journalism.
  • Shipping and delivery- Using drones for shipping and delivery will reduce delivery time and human labor.
  • Disaster management- Drones can survey any area which has met with a disaster where any person cannot go for their safety.
  • Rescue Operations and Healthcare- Drones can locate any lost person by thermal sensors. Drones are saviors as they can fly to unreachable locations and can save many lives in danger.
  • Archeological Surveys- A drone can help to assist in archeological surveys.
  • Geographic Mapping- Can help to discover new places.
  • Agriculture- A drone can help to sprinkle water on crops or pesticides and also analyze the crops.
  • Weather Forecasting- We can use drones for weather forecasts. The sensors and cameras are beneficial for the same.
  • Aerial Photography- Drone can capture high-quality pictures and videos.
  • Drone Selfie- Many people can click selfies using a drone.
  • Drone Racing- You can race with your friends using drones.


In this article, we have listed the best drone in India and reviews regarding the drones reading them. You will have explicit knowledge of whether or not your requirements match or not. Reading the Buying Guide will help you understand different features essential for a drone to be best. The key features that you should know before buying a drone are significant to know. You should know the purpose of purchasing the drone.

Set your requirement of the drone according to the purpose. A drone is expensive but worth it experience. For having the best drone, you need to invest a little more as it is a one-time purchase. Many features like GPS, Material quality, price, battery life, safety cases for drones, etc. are essential for a drone purchase. If you are a person who lacks knowledge of how to operate drones, you should buy the drone, which is raw and made for learning purposes. If you want drones for vlogging, shooting, and clicking selfies, you should go for the one which has the best HD camera.

Drones can change your life and make it more exciting and entertaining. If chosen with high quality and expensive drones, it can be part of years of happiness. The cheap drone will fail to be with you for an extended period. At last, it is your call to take. Do the best research and find the best drone in india for yourself.